Kitchen Manager

Open Position

Nevermore Kitchen Manager

Summary of Responsibilities

Responsible for optimizing profits by controlling food cost, labor and increasing sales through food quality, speed of service, and portioned food preparation according to approved specifications, processes and methods. Supervises the execution of and oversees all kitchen operations, ensuring all standards of quality and service are met. Continually develops kitchen employees through training and follow up. Manage scheduled shifts for appropriate coverage to ensure guest satisfaction.

Primary Responsibilities

• Manages shift responsibilities for the kitchen including: daily decision-making, staff support, scheduling and planning while upholding standards, product quality and cleanliness.
• Manages kitchen staff and provides employees with positive and negative feedback and takes appropriate actions.
• Controls food cost by properly ordering and receiving products. Approves all invoices concerning food products and continually monitors vendor pricing.
• Ensures a safe working environment to reduce the risk of injury and accidents through preventative maintenance of kitchen equipment.
• Verifies that accident reports are completed immediately in the event of an accident or injury of a kitchen employee.
• Assists in interviewing and hiring of BOH employees as directed.
• Manages and schedules kitchen staff as required.
• Ensures proper staffing levels for kitchen shifts are scheduled appropriately for seasonal changes.
• Conducts new employee orientation, training and ongoing development of BOH staff.
• Provides direction and explanations to employees regarding operational/procedural issues.
• Has working knowledge of all equipment in the kitchen, including pilot lights on all gas fired equipment, refrigeration systems and vent hood filtration system operations.


• Keeps the General Manager fully informed of all significant issues and takes prompt corrective action where necessary or suggests alternative courses of action.
• Creates a positive working environment by modeling positive behavior.
• Fulfills all responsibilities and reaches objectives in a timely and effective manner in accordance with established company policies and procedures.
• Maintains a favorable working relationship with all company employees to foster and promote a cooperative working atmosphere, which will be conducive to maximum employee morale, productivity, and efficiency.
• Performs other duties and responsibilities as required or requested.

Job Qualifications

• Minimum 2 years of operations experience.
• Upon completion of training, must be certified in all positions in the restaurant.
• Must possess a State-approved sanitation and safety certification.
• Knowledge of PC to fulfill kitchen management functions.
• Prior knowledge and experience in purchasing.
• Proficient in the following areas: communication, mentoring, planning, leadership, and quality of operations.

Judgment Required

• Must be able to coordinate multiple tasks, such as purchasing, receiving, and storing food products while maintaining required standards of operation in daily kitchen activities.
• Must make sound business decisions concerning labor, employee relations, staffing, and training.
• Must be able to interview and determine suitability based on experience and qualifications of back of house job applicants.

Qualification Standards

• Must be capable of performing all the functions and meet all the qualifications outlined.
• Able to communicate clearly and respond promptly to needs of guests, employees.
• Can handle disciplinary actions consistently.
• Ability to maintain calm demeanor in a fast paced, high intensity environment
• Neatly dressed, well-groomed and property management attire.